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Anti Calc Tabs

Anti Calc Tabs

3in1 function: descaling, cleaning, and machine care

Not only do the tabs provide for the perfect combination of descaling and cleaning, they also protect the devices’ materials against damage and therefore allow for a longer service life.

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OXY-POWER Active Descaler Tabs

Oxy Power

In addition to acid for removing lime, the tabs also contain active oxygen-based bleach to remove discolouration and stains. The resulting cleaning and care effect contributes to a longer service life of your appliances.

Swirl® Anti Calc Tabs will make your kitchen and household appliance shine in new splendour! The descaling tablets not only remove stubborn limescale. They also have a cleaning and care effect, easily removing discolouration and stains from your devices, thanks to Oxy Power. The tablet form makes them really easy to use. Swirl® Anti Calc Tabs are particularly suited for coffee machines, kettles, jugs, and vases which they clean in a food-safe manner.

Advantages at a glance

  • Tabs with 3in1 function that descale devices, but also have a cleaning and care function to increase the devices’ service life
  • Individual, easy to use tabs
  • Food-safe
  • Contains 4 tabs (18.5 g each) for 4 uses