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Bin liners with drawstring

Bin liners with drawstring

With multi-layer material for optimum tear resistance

The multi-layer material ensures that nothing tears or drips out no matter what kind of waste it holds. The bin liner can be conveniently closed and carried with the practical drawstring. For the sake of our environment - Swirl® garbage bags now made with 100% recycled plastic*. Tear-resistant, leak-proof and as reliable as ever. Make an active contribution to the responsible use of resources.

*Excluding colorants and additives.

Bin liners with drawstring

Bin liners with drawstring give you cleanliness you can feel. They can be closed with one pull. Everything really simple and easy to carry. Substantial features which impress:

  • very tearproof, waterproof
  • suitable for various types of waste (coarse, heavy and wet waste)

A bin liner that is really thought through! 
Tear resistance, capacity and durability are perfectly suited to their use.

This is really a strong thing: The Swirl® bin liner with drawstring is suitable for all standard waste and can also handle big surprises. Thanks to its extra strong material it can deal with most things. From coarse to bulky, from wet to heavy. Simply pull the drawstring and everything is closed in and ready to dispose of. And with three sizes Swirl® bin liners with drawstring cover all standard sizes of bin. Wonderful, how easy Swirl® makes it for you!

Together for a closed circuit economy

Swirl® garbage bags – now sustainably improved

Bin liners with drawstringCapacityPackage ContentWidth x Height in mm
20 litres 20 bags 450 x 500
35 litres 15 bags 600 x 635
60 litres 10 bags 680 x 730