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Cooker hood filter

Cooker hood filter

A sigh of relief – for you and your kitchen

Regular cooking and frying leaves its traces in every home. But you can prevent this!

With the absorbent filters from Swirl® smells and fatty emissions are safely absorbed.
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Cooker hood filter

The cooker hood filter from Swirl® is more than just a fragrant thing. It ensures pure air you can feel and a healthy atmosphere in your kitchen. Practical facts you can smell:

  • universal fit for all standard cooker hoods
  • special fibre structure for good fat absorbtion
  • coarse-fine-filtration in two stage system
  • display for filter change
  • includes: 2 disposable gloves

With an original Swirl® cooker hood filter, cooking becomes more pleasant and you can breathe more easily. A real must – a real plus – for your kitchen too!