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Deo Sticks Lavender

Deo Sticks Lavender

The soul of Provence

The excellent fragrance of lavender calms and relaxes.

Swirl® Deo Sticks give you this beautiful fragrant experience - every time you vacuum.
Deo Sticks Lavender

Swirl® Deo Sticks Lavender give you fragrant air and an airy freshness when you vacuum. Fragrant advantages at a glance:

  • long lasting fresh fragrance when vacuuming
  • Simply put into the vacuum cleaner bag
  • Especially good for pet households

Make vacuuming into a fragrant experience. With Swirl® Deo Sticks Lavender you give your living space a breath of fresh air. Quite simply: put a Deo Stick in the opening of your vacuum cleaner bag, turn on your vacuum cleaner and immediately enjoy the lavender fragrance.