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Eco bin liners

Eco bin liners

Environmentally friendly 100% recycled plastic

Swirl® Eco bin liners are tear-resistant and leak-proof. With the practical drawstring, they make it easier for you to handle your household waste. Made of 100% recycled plastic*, guaranteed tear resistant and leakrproof! A drawstring to pull, tie and carry, to make waste disposal naturally easy.

*Excluding colorants and additives.

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Eco bin liners

Help to protect the environment and still not do without a convenient and practical waste disposal:

  • Tear-resistant and guaranteed drip-proof
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic*
  • With practical drawstring made of recycled material
  • Certified with the Blue Angel

*Excluding colorants and additives.

Do not miss out on proven quality: Although the Swirl® eco-waste bags are made of 100% recycled plastic*, which comes from household waste (e.B. yellow bin / bag), they offer the same proven tear resistance and drip resistance as other Swirl® products. And the practical drawstring also ensures closing comfort.

Swirl® Eco Bin Liners are not compostable and are not suitable for disposal in the organic waste bin.
*Excluding colorants and additives. 

Eco bin linersCapacityPackage ContentWidth x Height in mm
20 litres 18 bags 450 x 500
35 litres 12 bags 550 x 630
60 litres 8 bags 680 x 730