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EcoPor® Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Robot Vacuum Cleaners

EcoPor® Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Ein wahres Dreamteam für mühelose Sauberkeit

The advantages of vacuum robots are combined with the advantages of Swirl® EcoPor® Vacuum Cleaner Bags. By using the matching Swirl® EcoPor® Vacuum Cleaner Bag, users of vacuum robots do not have to do without the proven Swirl® quality and hygienic emptying. For the iRobot, Ecovacs, Dreame and Lenovo vacuum robots with suction station, Swirl® offers the ROB 1®, ROB 2® and ROB 3®, the matching vacuum cleaner bag.

The EcoPor filter provides 99.99% filtration

The Swirl® Vacuum Cleaner Bags with EcoPor® Filter ensure maximum perceptible cleanliness by trapping dust and dirt safely and cleanly. The EcoPor® filter filters 99.99% of the vacuumed house dust and allergenic fine dust, such as pollen, mold spores, mite feces and bacteria, thereby relieving the indoor air. 

Dirtlock® for convenient and clean disposal

With the Dirtlock® dust closure, Swirl® Vacuum Cleaner Bags can be conveniently closed after use so that they can be disposed of cleanly and no fine dust gets back into the environment.

For the sake of our environment

Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags with the EcoPor® filter consist of 45-65%* recycled material, depending on the type of vacuum cleaner bag. In this way, Swirl® contributes to the environment and resource conservation.

* Share depends on bag type.

Made in Germany

Swirl® EcoPor® Vacuum Cleaner Bags are 100% manufactured in Germany

100% Recycled paper

The packaging of EcoPor® vacuum cleaner bags is made of 100% recycled paper.

Swirl® EcoPor quality certified by TÜV

TÜV NORD, an independent test laboratory, has tested and confirmed the filtration of fine dust, allergens and germs as well as the dust absorption capacity of Swirl® EcoPor® vacuum cleaner bags. This also applies to low-wattage devices.

For a long useful operating life

All Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags in EcoPor® quality basically have a volume dust reservoir which prevents the bag from becoming clogged and therefore supports a long service life.

A perfect fit

The shape of the Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags in EcoPor® quality has a positive effect on their function. The rounded corners ensure a better fit of the bag and optimum utilization of the dust space in the vacuum cleaner.

Our practical shopping aid

On each Swirl® vacuum cleaner bag pack you will find a practical Shopping-Memo with the type number - to cut out and keep in your purse or wallet. So that you can find the correct Swirl® bag easily the next time you shop.

The assortment

NameContentCompatible with

Swirl® ROB 1®


4 bags

iRobot Clean Base

iRobot Roomba i3+

iRobot Roomba i4+

iRobot Roomba i7+

iRobot Roomba s9+