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Elasticated bin liners

Elasticated bin liners

Fixed for a firm hold

An elastic fixing cord makes it possible. The bin liner is quickly closed. So simple and really practical! Available in different sizes, of course. For the sake of our environment - Swirl® garbage bags now made with 100% recycled plastic*. Tear-resistant, leak-proof and as reliable as ever. Make an active contribution to the responsible use of resources.

*Excluding colorants and additives.

Elasticated bin liners

Swirl® bin liners with elastic fixing cord are a real help in the home:

  • very tearproof, waterproof 
  • quickly fixed, strong hold, don't slip
  • With 100% recycled plasitc*

Disposing of waste is also very easy: Simply knot the elastic fixing cord and you have a practical carrying handle.

*Excluding colorants and additives.

Now there is finally an end to bin liners slipping into the bin. Because Swirl® has the solution: practical elasticated bin liners, which are fixed to the edge of your bin in a flash. Simply fix and you're finished. And it's just as easy to dispose of the bag: just take it off the edge of the bin, knot the elastic fixing cord and using the practical carrying handle take it to the outside bin. Four different sizes available for every need.

Together for a closed circuit economy

Swirl® garbage bags – now sustainably improved

Elasticated bin linersCapacityPackage ContentWidth x Height in mm
10 litres 15 bags 480 x 515
20 litres 15 bags 480 x 515
30 litres 10 bags 470 x 780
35 litres 10 bags 650 x 635
60 litres 10 bags 680 x 730