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Swirl® carpet deep cleaning nozzle

Swirl® carpet deep cleaning nozzle

Gets to the bottom of your carpet

The carpet deep cleaning nozzle maintains the special quality of short pile carpets which is so valued.

The rotating brush roller is suitable for pile up to 15mm.

Carpets make walking and living in living rooms and work rooms simply more pleasant. The Swirl® carpet deep cleaning nozzle helps maintain this quality of living for a long time. Thanks to the integrated and protective rotating brush roller, it quickly removes even ground-in dirt - for carpets with pile up to 15mm deep. The Swirl® carpet deep cleaning nozzle cleans deep into the fibres and makes use of the full power of your vacuum cleaner.
Carpet deep cleaning nozzle

Intensive deep cleaning with rotating brush roller

  • Removes even ground-in dirt

  • Cleans carpets with up to 15mm pile

  • Easy to use due to removable front panel

Suitable for low wattage vacuum cleaners

  • All Swirl® vacuum cleaner nozzles are also suitable for 900 watt vacuum cleaners!

Universal adapter Ø32-35mm

  • Practical for almost all standard vacuum cleaners with round suction tube (except Vorwerk + Dyson)



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