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Swirl® parquet protective nozzle

Swirl® parquet protective nozzle

Ultra flat for sparkling performance

Laminate and especially parquet flooring get the treatment they deserve with the Swirl® parquet protective nozzle.

Thanks to the felt gliders and the ultra flat design they give you brilliant suction power under furniture too.

Chrome smooth metal or an extremely hard plastic brush are simply not optimal for laminate flooring and especially not for sealed parquet floors. The Swirl® parquet protective nozzle with ist gentle felt gliders maintains the shine on hard floor surfaces. The ultraflat design ensures cleanliness as far as the eye can see under low furniture. And for carpets or rugs, the extra large lint strip is a great help when vacuuming.
Parquet protective nozzle

Gentle on your parquet

  • Prevents scratches on sensitive floors such as parquet and laminate

  • Especially gentle

  • With its ultra-flat design, it vacuums even under low furniture

Suitable for low wattage vacuum cleaners

  • All Swirl® vacuum cleaner nozzles are also suitable for 900 watt vacuum cleaners!

Universal adapter Ø32-35mm

  • Practical for almost all standard vacuum cleaners with round suction tube (except Vorwerk + Dyson)


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