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KÄ bags for wet and dry vacuum cleaners

KÄ bags for wet and dry vacuum cleaners

For coarse and wet* dirt and dust

The bags of the KÄ series were specifically developed for wet and dry vacuum cleaners. Thanks to tear-resistant non-woven material, they are ideally designed for heavy-duty use in the basement, garage, garden & other places. They are available in three sizes and are compatible with wet and dry vacuum cleaners from Kärcher, Einhell, Nilfisk, Shop-Vac and many more.

Tearproof non-woven

Thanks to the tear-resistant non-woven material Swirl® KÄ Bags can withstand even the heaviest loads - e.g. when vacuuming coarse dirt or damp* dust.

3-layer quality

The three-layer material ensures optimal filtration and suction during use.

Practical dust closure

The dust closure prevents dirt and dust from escaping so that the full bag can be disposed of cleanly and conveniently. 

Universal holding plate

The universal holding plate is suitable for all wet and dry vacuum cleaners with a nozzle diameter of 59-70 mm.

*Do not use the bag to vacuum water or mud!

Swirl® KÄ bags can be used to vacuum damp dirt or dust but not water or mud.

Made in Germany

Swirl® KÄ bags are 100% made in Germany.

100% recycled paper

The packaging for Swirl® KÄ bags consists of 100% recycled paper.

Our practical shopping aid

On each Swirl® vacuum cleaner bag pack you will find a practical Shopping-Memo with the type number - to cut out and keep in your purse or wallet. So that you can find the correct Swirl® bag easily the next time you shop.

The assortment:

NameContentCapacitySuitable for nozzles withCompatible with

Swirl® KÄ 2®

3 bags 10-15 liter 59-70mm diameter

Kärcher WD 2

Kärcher A 2000...2099

Kärcher original bag 6.904-322.0

Nilfisk Buddy II

and others*

Swirl® KÄ 3®

3 bags 15-20 liter 59-70mm diameter

Kärcher A 2200...3199

Kärcher WD 3

Kärcher WD 3000...3999

Kärcher SE 4001

Kärcher SE 4002

Kärcher original bag 6.959-130.0

Shop-Vac vaccuum cleaners with 16L

Shop-Vac vaccuum cleaners with 20L

Einhell BT-VC 1215 S

Einhell TC-VC 1815

Einhell TH-VC 1815

and others*

Swirl® KÄ 4-6®

3 bags 20-30 liter 59-70mm diameter

Kärcher WD 4

Kärcher WD 5

Kärcher WD 6

Kärcher original bag 2.863-006.0 

Einhell vaccuum cleaners with 20L

Einhell vaccuum cleaners with 25L

Einhell vaccuum cleaners with 30L

Einhell BT-NTS 1300 A

Einhell BT-VC 1500 SA

Einhell NTS 1500

Einhell NTS 1600

Einhell TC-VC 18/20 LI S

Einhell TC-VC 1825

Einhell TE VC 2230 SA

Einhell TH-VC 1820

Makita VC2000L

Makita VC2012L

Makita VC2512L

Makita VC3011L

Parkside PNTS 1500 D5

Parkside PWDA 20

Parkside PWS 20 A1

Parkside PWS 30 A1

Scheppach ASP 20-ES

Scheppach ASP 30-ES

and others*

* Feel free to use the Swirl® Vacuum Cleaner Bag Search to find the right Swirl® bag for your wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Instructions for use of Swirl® KÄ 2®: